Evidence of alcohol found at scene of CofC student's fatal fall

Pictured above is the condo from which investigators say Pitts fell to his death. (WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A report released by the Charleston Police Department reveals there was alcohol present where 23-year-old College of Charleston student Spencer Pitts to fell to his death.According to the report, when police arrived at the three-story condo on Corinne Street early Sunday morning they noted several beer cans and a bottle of wine on the third floor balcony and more beer cans on the rooftop.One of the residents of the apartment building told police that she had invited Pitts to go up to the rooftop to "see the stars." She told police that in order to get up to the roof, one had to use a three-step metal ladder. She said that on their way down, she came down first and when Pitts came down she said either the ladder slipped or Pitts lost his footing. Police say that's when Pitts and the ladder "fell onto the lower roof area and onto the city streets from the third floor area."According to the report, the ladder had been propped on an eight-inch wide ledge and was leaning against a wall to allow someone to climb from the third-story balcony to the roof. That ladder was found lying on the ground next to Pitts, along with a beer can.According to the report, one witness who told police he was walking past the house, said he saw several people on the upper balcony and that they were throwing "unknown liquids" at each other. He says he also saw someone leaning over the edge of the balcony and then he saw Pitts fall from "an upper part of the residence."Police noted in the report that witnesses on the scene had an "odor of alcohol emanating from their breath and persons."

The report also mentions that when police were able to climb to the roof, they found a beer can and two lawn chairs. They also noted that the "roof area and metal siding area were wet, causing surfaces to be slippery."Pitts was rushed to MUSC where he was later pronounced dead. A spokesman with the College of Charleston said friends and family members are planning a memorial event for later in April. Details of the event are not yet available.