Mother of alleged kidnapping victim lashes out against ex-pastor

By Nikki

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- The mother of a woman who says she barely escaped the grips of a Ladson pastor is explaining how her daughter got away and avoided being raped.

Dale Richardson, 46, is currently behind bars at the Charleston County Detention Center.{} He's charged with multiple rapes and kidnappings in the Lowcountry.

"He's put a black mark against Christianity,"{}said Julia Martin, the mother of one of Richardson's alleged victims.

Martin says she still lives in disbelief knowing that a pastor is accused of kidnapping her daughter, Autumn Good, 39, and trying to rape her.

"He has made a mockery of the church of Jesus Christ, our savior, because the Lord is not lot that," stated Martin.

A devout Christian, Martin says her daughter met Richardson at a Hess gas station in North Charleston on June 21.

"She said 'I got a ride from a man.{} He asked me if I needed a ride.'{} It was 8 o'clock in the morning over there on Ashley Phosphate," said Martin.

Summerville Police say Richardson offered Good a ride to a friend's house but instead he took her to the Kangaroo Express nearby and propositioned her for sex.

"She said, 'I was so scared,'" said Martin.

Good turned down the offer.{} Police say Richardson then left the Kangaroo and eventually drove down Lincolnville Road to a secluded area in the Lakes of Summerville.{}

There, they say, he pulled out a gun from under his left leg and pointed it at Good.{} Martin says that's when her daughter started to pray.

"When she put her head down in her knees and started praying, 'Oh, God, please, please, Oh God'--it shook him up and he let her go," said Martin.{} "God moved in a supernatural way from having to go through what the other girls went through."

Police say Good{}ran for help as soon as she was released.

"She started running because she was afraid he was going to shoot her in the back," said Martin.

Richardson is charged with raping two other women and was arrested in late-July.{} Martin believes Richardson preys on troubled women. {}She says even her own daughter is currently in jail on drug charges.

"As bad as I hate her lifestyle, nobody needs to be treated like that," stated Martin.

The loving mother says she wants Richardson to stay behind bars for the rest of his life.

"If he gets back out, he's not going to stop," said Martin.

Richardson's next court appearance is on October 7.

Richardson previously served as the pastor of Freedom Free Will Baptist Church in Ladson.