Expert: 'Get what you pay for' with lithium ion batteries

By Ava

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) -- Lithium-ion batteries are found in most laptops, no matter which company makes it.

"According to what I've read, they tend to last a little longer and they tend to eliminate what used to be called the memory effect," said Chris Hughes, the owner of Mount Pleasant Computer Center.

He said in the past, laptop companies like HP, Compaq and Dell have re-called the lithium batteries, due to an X-factor.

"X is usually something like: they can overheat, they can explode. A lot of times they don't go into detail as to specifically why that is going to occur," said Hughes.

A search for lithium batteries on YouTube reveals multiple videos detailing the dangers of fires caused by laptop batteries.

"They're pretty much designed to set and forget. If you are using the right power adapter and you are not exposing it to any kind of trauma or extremes in weather conditions, or moisture, you should be fine," said Hughes.

Hughes said there is no need to take out the battery at night or when you plug the laptop into the wall. He said how well the lithium battery operates depends on where it was made.

Hughes adds the majority of batteries are manufactured in Japan or China.

"You get what you pay for when it comes to batteries," said Hughes.