Expert: Great White shark is 'blowing our minds'

PARK CITY, Utah (AP/WCIV) - A 16-foot great white shark named Mary Lee is among those who like calling the Carolinas home.

The Ocearch Shark Tracker has kept track of the 3,500-pound Mary Lee since she was tagged in September off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass. On Wednesday, she was off the Outer Banks.Shark expert Chris Fischer tells the AP, "This shark Mary Lee is completely blowing all of our minds doing things we did not expect her to do."

SLIDESHOW: Images from Mary Lee's capture and taggingSo far, Mary Lee has traveled up and down the East Coast, including Florida, where she came within 200 yards of Jacksonville Beach a couple of weeks ago. In December, she entered the mouth of the Cape Fear River in southeastern North Carolina before traveling south."I mean all of us are shocked, even the scientists. We all thought she was going to be more of an off-shore fish, living out in here, taking advantage of opportunities with you know big schools of fish and maybe the northern right whale -- it's critical birthing habitat is down here, We thought she would live there for a long period of time, but just after a couple of months, she's bugging out," Fischer said.Businessman and adventure show producer Chris Fischer says tens of thousands of people are following Mary Lee's travels online."What most people don't understand is that the reason the research community doesn't know much about our ocean's giants is that they've never had the capacity to capture a 35-hundred-pound shark and let it go alive. And in order to do that, you need fishermen and scientists to come together. You can't expect a scientist and an intern to pull that off by themselves," Fischer said.