Families support meth lab suspects in bond court

Alberta Pierson and Michael Still in bond court Friday night.

By Valencia{}

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCIV) -- Both 19-year-old Michael Still and 35-year-old Alberta Pierson walked into the Berkeley County courtroom in silence Friday evening. Their families eagerly waited for the judge to show them mercy.

"Your honor, she's no flight risk at all," said Mixson, a relative of Pierson. "I've been around her all my life, practically raised her. She's a hard worker."

It wasn't long before family members of Still stood to plead on his behalf.

"He's never got in any trouble, he's always good," said Alan Still, Michael's father.

Pierson has been charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and unlawful conduct towards a child. Her daughter, 19-year-old Morgan Abernathy was killed in a blaze at the Pine Harbour apartment complex last Thursday.

Abernathy was Michael Still's fianc. He has also been charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine.

"I want to see them prove conspiracy," said Jan Still, Michael's mother. "And my son has cooperated with them from day one."

In an exclusive interview with ABC News 4, Jan talked about the pain she and her family are feeling.

"I'm hurting. I'm angry. I'm frustrated. I'm stressed out. I mean I feel like at any time, I'm going to lose it."

Both families hoped for a PR bond, but the judge denied the request.

Still was given a $15,000 bond.

Pierson was given a $15,000 bond for conspiracy and a $20,000 bond for the unlawful conduct charge.

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