Family Circle Cup to be Viewed by Millions Worldwide

Charleston, S.C. - A winning rally for the Holy City, courtesy of the Family Circle Cup.

Matches are underway at the Family Circle Cup on Daniel Island. This is the tournament's 11th year in Charleston, and millions of eyes will be watching this week. Those people watching are tuning in from across the globe, 11 million are expected to view this week's tournament.

All that exposure is an ace for this top notch tennis town.

"Both internationally, nationally it just brings so much exposure" says Family Circle Cup spokesman, Bob Moran.

Players from 22 countries including the world's number one ranked player, are competing.{} Matches will be shown around the world, solidifying Charleston's place as best tennis town.

"All the people who see Charleston on our TV broadcast on ESPN 2, hopefully they're going to plan a trip to Charleston," Moran says. "And all the folks across the world who see out broadcast say what a great city this is, I want to go visit there."

100-thousand local and out-of-town fans are expected to attend.

"As a fan it's tremendous to get to see the players, watch the shots they make and their reactions to great shots," says Mattie Smith.

To savor the moment, souvenirs are available and going fast.

"I wanted one that had Charleston on it," says one fan.

That business is serving up a winning tradition for Family Circle, one fans say they won't keep quiet.

"We all need to come back next year, all 20 of us," says Smith.

And thousands more will make a return of their own.

The tournament will be broadcast across Europe and South America, as wells as countries like China, India, Australia and Mexico.