Family Circle Stadium uses new app to crackdown on fake IDs

By Nikki

DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- Curbing underage drinking one 'swipe' at a timethat's the goal of the Family Circle Stadium.

Friday night, the stadium began using a new technology during its summer concert series. It is already used by more than 250 venues nationwide.

"I thought it was kind of cool. I never seen it before," said concertgoer, Renee Duarte.

The software, developed by Bar & Club Stats, helps events staff better detect fake identification by electronically comparing the code of the identification presented and that of the current state driver license code.

"I think it's a good thing because too many kids these days are getting fake IDs and that's when accidents happen," said another concertgoer.

The simple app can be downloaded on{}iTunes and checks IDs in a matter of seconds.

"What I love about it is it enables it to make it easier on the folks to check IDs for us," said Bob Moran, the general manager for the Family Circle Stadium. "We want to make sure everyone's safe. We also want to make sure the appropriate people are getting beer or alcohol."

Ben Silbert is the creator of the app.

"Funny story -{}out in Seattle, someone had a fake ID, got swiped and he went running for the hills," said Silbert.

He says the software does more than just check for fake IDs.

"We extract anonymous data so they can see repeat customers, patron flow, average age, age distribution, stuff like that so they actually figure out who's drinking their product that night," said Silbert.

Moran plans to use the app for every event held at the Family Circle Stadium and the people we spoke with{}say they don't mind at all.

"Anything that they can do is a good idea, especially with an event like this where somebody can get in trouble for selling alcohol to underage people."

There is a free version or premium version of the app. You can either rent or purchase the attachment for your{}iPhone{}or iPad{}separately.

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