Family Circle Tennis Center helps bring Daniel Island business

Family Circle Tennis Center is home to various events besides the Family Circle Cup throughout the year (John Gaddy/WCIV)

By Sonya

DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) - From tennis to soccer and from shopping to dining, there is something for everyone on Daniel Island.

Most of the activities the town provides is centered around the Family Circle Tennis Center.

The Family Circle Tennis Center was built in 2001 and since then, it has brought much more than tennis to the island.

Hootie and the Blowfish and The Zac Brown Band are just some of the sounds that have filled this stadium.

"Concerts have been a big focus of ours this year and will continue to be forward because it is a great concert venue," said Bob Moran, general manager of The Family Circle Tennis Center. "This year, we are going to do 10 to 12 shows and next year, we are looking to fill those 12 shows again. And five years ago we were doing three shows at the most maybe four."

The music is just another reason that business is booming in this island community.

"Between the Family Circle Cup, the Battery and all the [Daniel Island] Property Owners' Association events, we draw - my conservative estimate is about 125 thousand people a year to Daniel Island," said Peter Harper with the Daniel Island Business Association. "Some of those will be Daniel Islanders, but a good portion of those are off-island folks."

There are 250 businesses right now and almost half of those are restaurants. There are also close to 30 retailers with more companies expected in the future.

"The sky is the limit. We are only about halfway there commercially right now," Harper said. "We have about a million one square feet of commercial space and the island can ultimately have a capacity of about 2.5 million square feet."

The big stadium you see when driving on the island will likely always be one of the big draws of the island.

"It is a multi-use facility. I like to say that," Moran said. "It was built for tennis. I wish I could go back and build it over again for some reasons because we are doing so much with it."

Looking ahead, October is going to be a busy month at the Family Circle Tennis Center with several events including Race for the Cure, which will bring tens of thousands of people to Daniel Island.