Family football ties for Gator's running back

Caleb Kinlaw (Scott Eisberg/WCIV)

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- To say Caleb Kinlaw has a bright future is both expected and destined to happen.

He's only a sophomore, and is already averaging 115 yards a game for the Goose Creek Gators. "He's going to do nothing but get better and better. He's young, he only carries 15 times a game, we don't want to overload him," said Goose Creek Head Coach, Chuck Reedy.

"Its real fast, have to see it and go, got to thank my offensive line for holes and fullbacks for blocking linebackers," said{}Kinlaw.

The reason his name is already known, and his success likely is because he's following the in the foot steps of his big brother Rodney. Rodney was a star running back for rival Stratford and also played college ball at Penn State.

"I try to mold myself after my brother a bit, watch what he does, try to be like him while being my own back," said Kinlaw.

The numbers are there for Caleb, the bloodlines are there and the Gators are happy to have him on their side of town.