Family, friends march for justice for Derryl Drayton

By Nikki Gaskins

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) Family and friends of Derryl Drayton say deputies killed an unarmed man Saturday night.

On Monday night, more than fifty people marched from Greenhill Road to Seaside Lane, the location where deputies fire multiple shots at Drayton before killing him.

While marching, the group chanted, "Justice for Derryl! Justice for Derryl!"

Those who knew him said his death was senseless.

Deputies said the trouble started after they responded to 1105 Greenhill Road for a verbal altercation between Drayton and his sister.

"He started beating up on the window, telling me I'm a dead bitch tonight," said Drayton's sister in a recorded 9-1-1 call to dispatchers.

Family and friends held signs calling for an end to the violence.

"He would do this for us, so we're going to do it for him."

Deputies said they shot Drayton after he became aggressive, and stabbed one of the deputies with a knife.

They said they first used a stun gun, but it was ineffective.

"That's what they're going to have to say now because somebody dead," said Marsha Rivers, Drayton's cousin.

While Rivers didn't see deputies shoot her cousin, she said she did see his body.

"We want everybody to know his side. We have eyewitnesses that said he didn't have a weapon in his hand," she said. "Eyewitnesses say his hand was in the air. If his hand was in the air, it doesn't take two people to shoot an unarmed man."

Those who knew Drayton said Saturday's incident was a big misunderstanding that spiraled out of hand.

After the deadly shooting, Drayton's family called 9-1-1 to demand answers.

Drayton's brother: "I need to speak to someone in charge."

Dispatcher: "In reference to 1105 Greenhill?"

Brother: "In reference to my [expletive] brother getting shot. And when I get there, so help me God I may do something to that police department."

family and friends said they will continue to make their voices heard until they feel a thorough investigation has been done.

"We want everyone to know his death will not go in vain," said Rivers.

A memorial with candles and balloons now mark the spot where Drayton lost his life.

SLED is currently investigating the shooting.

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