Family mourns death of grandmother in Awendaw Creek wreck

NEW BERN, N.C. (WCIV/WCTI) - A Craven County, N.C., womanwas killed in a wreck in Awendaw and now her family is mourning the loss oftheir mother, grandmother and wife.

Investigators said 72-year-old Sandi Weiss died after hervehicle ran off a bridge and into Awendaw Creek north of Mount Pleasant. Highway17 was shut down for several hours while a rescue dive team and Coast Guardcrews tried to save the woman.

Weiss' son, Scott, says the news of her death was somethingthey never expected. He described her as a loving mother of three, agrandmother of six, and a wife of more than 52 years.

Scott Weiss said his mother was just 20 minutes away fromvisiting her oldest son, and his wife and children.

"She was our cheerleader, our Halloween costume designer, ateacher, a friend, a confidante, and a mother," he said. "As a mother of threeboys, I know we put her through the ringer at times."

Scott Weiss said his mother spent most of her life helpingothers. He says he dad was in the Air Force for 20 years and his mother alwaysstrongly supported the military.

She was also a nurse for many years and volunteered at theMerci Clinic in New Bern ever week, Weiss said.

But Weiss said the biggest part of his mother's life was herfamily. That's why the news of the accident is so hard to take in.

"You wake up in the morning, go to work expecting everythingto be the same when you get back and it's not given," he said.

For the Weiss family, that came far too soon.

"We're still kind of in shock. Everything happened so quick,"he said. "She really was an amazing, loving woman."

Scott Weiss says he now lives by the simple message: "Hugthe ones you love, hold them close and make sure that you let them know youlove them every day."

Instead of sending flowers, the family is asking peopledonate to the Wounded Warrior Project and the Texas Scottish Rite HospitalResearch Fund. E says they are causes his mother donated to annually.

Investigators are still trying to piece together what causedthe crash.{}


WCTI's Jamie Hicks filed this report from New Bern, N.C.