Family of elderly man killed outside diner makes plea for help

By Nikki

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCIV) On Feb. 15, the shooting death of 72-year-old Louis Washington, of Moncks Corner, marked the first homicide of the year for Berkeley County.

According to Dan Moon, spokesperson for the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office, Washington was shot to death outside Margie's Diner near Cooper Store Road. Deputies still don't know who's responsible.

One month later, his family continues to seek closure and hope for a speedy arrest in the case.

"We feel a really deep void," said the victim's niece, Shambria Goodman. "I spoke with him a week before he passed Saturday at my mom's house and then a week later he's gone."

Despite his age, Goodman says her uncle was a man full of life.

"He loved to DJ. He had a DJ name, 'Moose the Jammer,' and most people knew him as 'Moose the Jammer' versus Louis," she said. "He loved life, just pretty much independent, worked hard for everything he had."

But Goodman says someone cut short the life of a hard working man when he was robbed and killed outside Margie's Diner.

"Whatever the amount of money they took, it was not worth his life," said Goodman.

Margie Garnett owns the diner and says she was cooking in the back when her friend was shot. While she says she didn't witness the shooting, the image of her friend lying on the ground will stay with her forever.

"He was still breathing but not for long," said Garnett. "The question is why? Why?"

Garnett says Washington would frequently sit in his car by the diner, selling used vehicles across the street.

"This was his joy to do that after he retired. He sat over here and that's what he did," she said.

But those who loved the retired trucker and former disc jockey say an encounter with the wrong person may have ultimately cost him his life.

"The perpetrators whom ever you may be, just remember, y'all walking away but God is still looking down," warned Garnett.

Goodman prays for the day when her family can find comfort, knowing her uncle's killer is in jail.

"Turn yourself in. What you did to him was horrible. He was a hard working man and you not only took from him his material possession, but you took his life," said Goodman.

If you have any information on this case, you're asked to call the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office. You can also call Crimestoppers at 843-554-1111.

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