Family of toddler who killed self with gun speaks out

      HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WPDE/WCIV) -- A mother and father who lost their child must face the possibility of dealing with their loss without each other.

      On Christmas Day, police said{}two-year-old Sincere Smith grabbed a gun{}off of a table at a home on Daisy Lane in Horry County and shot himself.{}

      Sincere Smith died on his way to the hospital, said Horry County Coroner Robert Edge.

      Horry County police charged Sincere's father, Rondell Smith, with involuntary manslaughter.

      "By the time I turned around, he killed both of us," said Rondell Smith on Thursday afternoon. He posted bond on Wednesday.

      "I'm sorry to my wife's family. I'm sorry to my family. I'm sorry to anyone who ever knew him," said Smith. "He was that special."

      Police found Smith responsible for Sincere Smith's death because he was in the home when the incident happened and the gun was his.

      "My baby was always with us," said Sincere's mother Lakisha Brown-Smith.{}"He is a good father. My husband changed every diaper and ever bottle. I went to work at one, and he took care of them all day."

      "Going to jail, it ain't even enough of what I'm going through," said Rondell Smith.

      He bought the gun to protect his family, he said.

      "Someone tried to break into our house like two weeks ago," said Smith. "It made me feel like I was nothing. I couldn't protect my kids if they came in. I couldn't protect my wife. I got something to protect me and my family."

      The family's reverend, Monford Hamilton, called Rondell Smith a young leader in his church and he was shock when he heard the news of Sincere's passing.

      "I'm really surprised for this particular young man," said Hamilton. "I just believe these momentary lapses happen in all our lives. Whether they're driving an automobile or attended to our children. But we don't always get such a disastrous result."

      "I just them to know who I am," said Rondell Smith. "I'm a good guy."

      The family is making arrangements for Sincere's funeral with Lattimore Funeral Home.

      The service is expected to be held Monday.