Family plans to adopt special needs girl from Eastern Europe

Photo by Felicia Allyn (WCIV)

By Stacy

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCIV) -- Amy and Craig Moss already have two biological children, but Amy Moss{}said they still always considered adopting.

She was browsing online and looked through pictures of kids who need homes. That's when she came across Miah.

"She just looked really sad and empty like she didn't have much hope," Amy Moss said.

Due to safety concerns,{}the Moss family{}can't show Miah's picture or say in which Eastern European country she lives. But, they can say she's in an orphanage and is developmentally delayed.

"She is a 7 year old, with the size and mental development of an 18 month old," Craig Moss said.

On that day, Amy sent Craig an email with her news.

"It made for an interesting day at work of course trying to focus on work, but still at the same time trying to process what this means because this is a more severe case than what we originally considered in adoption," he said.

They have arranged for{}doctors at MUSC to treat Miah, but they have no idea how she'll do things like walk or if she'll ever be able to walk.

"There's a big unknown around her that we're not sure what it means for us," Craig Moss said.

Added Amy Moss: "She could be a lifelong commitment."

They said the full process cost around $30,000. To pay for it, the Mosses had fundraisers and got donations through Amy's blog. You can see that blog by CLICKING HERE.

They put Miah's stocking up this Christmas and asked friends and family for money to help her get better treatment in her orphanage. They said it's helping her with development.

At home, the adoptive parents are getting their biological children ready. They said Nathan, 3,{}and Alex, 1,{}are already praying for their new sister.

"He'll grab my pink bible and he'll sit on the couch. I'll ask him what he's doing. He'll say, 'Mommy I'm sending paper so we can bring Miah home,'" Amy Moss said.

Amy and Craig Moss{}have to visit Miah once before they can bring her home. They hope to do that in{}February, and then{}hope to bring her home to South Carolina in May.

They recommended Children's House International{}and Lifeline{}as good adoption resources.