Family: Teen shot by officer several times

By Eric

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV) -- The family of a North Charleston teen shot by police says the 17-year-old was shot as many as eight times and is still in serious condition. Police say the teen pointed a gun at an officer. The young man's family says otherwise.

According to the North Charleston Police Department policy and procedural manual, an officer may use deadly force if he or she reasonably believes the action is in defense of human life.

Police say North Charleston Officer Anthony Dipaolo responded to a shooting in the Ferndale neighborhood Sunday afternoon.

"I just heard four shots, didn't sound like fire crackers to me, and then I saw kids running."

Charleston County dispatchers fielded several calls on the initial shooting.

"I'm scared to death. Listen, I've already been shot before," said another caller.

"Did you see the person who fired the shots," questioned dispatch.

"Yes ma'am."

"Are you in immediate danger?"

"Yes, I feel like I am," the caller said.

During his patrol that day, investigators say Dipaolo identified 17-year-old Carlton Pringle as fitting the description of one of the shooters. The officer stopped Pringle near Gaynor Street and Hock Avenue. Police reports say the teen pulled a gun, then was shot by Dipaolo.

Edward Bryant, the president of the NAACP's North Charleston branch, met with the teen's family. He tells a much different side to the story.

"I can say this with 100 percent, the family does not believe the young CJ (Pringle) ever pointed a weapon at a police officer," Bryant said.

Bryant says Pringle had as many as eight bullets removed from his body, and he couldn't run or escape, even if he tried.

"Young CJ (Pringle) was shot in the leg by the police officer, he's already down at that point," said Bryant. "What transpired after that led to CJ being shot a numerous number of times after that incident."

Police policy states a suspect's level of resistance dictates an officer's level of response.

North Charleston has not commented on the investigation since Sunday, citing SLED's involvement.

Bryant says investigators are reviewing surveillance footage from the shooting.