Fans get tips from pros during golf lessons

By Eric

KIAWAH ISLAND, SC (WCIV) -- PGA tour players make it look incredibly easy, so much so it's almost unfair. But some lucky fans have been able to go home from the Ocean Course feeling better about their golf game.

All takes is a little perspective.

"Putting is the weakest part of my game, so I figured I could use a little help," said Nick Battista.

There's no shame in taking advantage of a few pointers.

"You don't even know until you see yourself on video," Battista added. "It's humbling."

That's what hundreds of spectators have done at the PGA Championship this week. Free putting lessons are being provided by club pros. They line you up, have you practice a few puts and record your every move.

"It's very helpful, I've been playing for quite a few years and always meant to buy a little video camera to take out with me," said Doug Wattier. "But the set up in here is very awesome."

Johns Burns is an instructor at PGA events all across the country. After filming he lets his students compare their before and after stances.

"Most students grasped what I was explaining and were able to make the changes," Burns said.

"It's nice to get a little mini-lesson on the green and the video tape, you see yourself, it's a great experience," said Battista.