Father remembers son who died after street fight


SEABROOK ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- A Mount Pleasant man police say was involved in a downtown Charleston street fight could face more charges after the coroner says the victim died and called the death a homicide.

Meanwhile, the victim's father is mourning the death of his son and trying to plan a funeral when he should be planning a party.

"I'd tell anybody that wants to listen that I wouldn't trade a day of the life I had with him and I don't think he'd trade a day of the life he had with me," said Don Seymour as he wiped away tears.

He's still trying to cope with never seeing his son again.

The Charleston County Coroner's Office says 27-year-old Clint Seymour died Monday of injuries from head trauma. Charleston Police say he and some friends were involved in a fight near King and Meeting streets early Saturday morning.

"There was no reason that somebody should have punched him in the back of the head, or for that matter in the front of the head," said Seymour.

Detectives say 26-year-old Peter Dudinyak of Mount Pleasant was involved in the brawl. He's accused of throwing a sucker punch to Clint Seymour, whose parents say their son had moved to Johns Island less than a year ago.

"Hey, our son is really hitting his stride and instead of hitting his stride he hit the concrete because somebody did a really stupid thing to him," said the elder Seymour.

The younger Seymour was an all-star baseball player near Pittsburgh who moved to the Lowcountry to be closer to his parents, and to start a new life after sports.

"Our enthusiasm for this area is one of the reasons that would bring Clint down here periodically to visit. And the more he visited the more he liked it," said Seymour.

For now, the family mourns the loss of Clint. And they remember his love.

"Not many people say I want to go live my life like my son did. But I'm going to give it a try," said Seymour.

Peter Dudinyak has been charged with first degree assault and battery, and simple assault, but those charges could be upgraded.

His bond was set at more than $250,000.

Clint Seymour's family had been preparing for their son's 28th birthday this Saturday. Now, they're planning his funeral.