FBI: Amber Alert suspect planned to marry underage girl

Timothy Newman (provided)

By Nikki

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)New disturbing details have emerged in the Amber Alert case that spanned three statesincluding South Carolina. In court documents released by the FBI, Timothy Newman's 12-year-old alleged victim says her abductor admitted to her that he was 38-years-old and a sex offender.

She also reportedly told investigators that she had known Newman since June 2012 and communicated with him through text messages, phone calls, and personal visits. A court affidavit reveals that in July of this year she also began a sexual relationship with him.

Because we now know she is the victim of an alleged sex crime, ABC News 4 is no longer mentioning her name or showing her photo.

Two months after their alleged sexual encounter, she reportedly told investigators that she and Newman decided to run away together. In court documents, Newman picked up the 12-year-old at a previously agreed upon location and the two then drove to South Carolina and later to Florida. However, it was while they were in South Carolina, that the suspect threw away both of their cell phones at an unknown location.

The court documents stated that while on their trip to Florida, the two engaged in sexual activities numerous times. The 12-year-old reportedly told investigators that Newman stated that he knew that he was in trouble and would go back to prison for being with her. In an effort to conceal their identitities, they came up with nicknames for one another. Newman went by "Monkey" while his young victim was referred to as "Ocean."

When investigators talked to Newman, court records state that he claims to have actually known the victim much longersince she was 5-years-old. Newman reportedly admitted that he was presently on probation.

Approximately two weeks ago, Newman says the girl's father discovered that he was sending text messages to his daughter and had him arrested again. Upon his release from jail, he reportedly began contacting his daughter once more. The two reportedly made plans to leave North Carolina, run away together, and get married.

According to the FBI, Newman admitted to having sexual intercourse with the victim numerous times in North Carolina, once in South Carolina, once in Fort Lauderdale and once in Miami. Newman also admitted that he knew the girl was a minor.

North Carolina law enforcement reportedly located several text messages between Newman and the 12-year-oldmany which were sexual in nature. The girl was shown these messages and acknowledged that the messages were between Newman and her in the days leading up to their meeting on September 23, 2012.

It was the next day that the father of the missing 12-year-old girl reported his daughter missing to the Carteret County Sheriff's Office in Beaufort, North Carolina. On September 26th, a police officer in Miami spotted Newman with the girl not long after he attempted to use a debit card belonging to the 12-year-old's father. Newman was quickly taken into custody.