Felber pleads guilty to 3 fraudulent check charges

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- The man accused of writing a series of bad checks totaling more than $225,000 pleaded guilty in court on Thursday.

Christopher Felber, 23, was sentenced to four years of probation and ordered to pay restitution.

According to police, Felber wrote a check to another man last June for $225,000. The check was deposited and then returned for insufficient funds. Felber never repaid the money, officials said.

Police said more victims came forward and three different law enforcement agencies - Berkeley County Sheriff's Office, Dorchester County Sheriff's Office and Goose Creek City Police -- are working together on a multi-jurisdictional investigation.

Robert Keyes says he knows all too well the price that comes with doing business with Felber.

"What he did, after he worked on my car one day, he actually called, I guess got my number off the receipt and actually called and asked me about a business loan. Said, they were going to relocate the business," said alleged victim Robert Keyes.

Keyes says Felber never repaid a $35,000 loan and wrote him a bogus promissory note.

Felber has two more hearings scheduled on Feb. 4 and 8 which will focus on the $250,000 in bogus checks.