Female bear cub recovering at Charles Towne Landing

(Source: Brandon Poole/CNN)

By Sonya

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- There is a new animal calling Charles Towne Landing home -- at least for now.

The bear cub, approximately four weeks old, is one of three that was found in a box on the side of the road in the Upstate late last week. The two males were sent to the Appalachian Bear Rescue in Tennessee, but the female cub was brought to Charleston.

Due to her fragile state,{}ABCNews4 were unable to{}visit video of the female cub.

"The cub is okay. It's still weak, but it did survive and to be honest that was a major concern. (We were) little concerned the animal might not survive at all," said Tom Swayngham, Wildlife Coordinator for DNR.

But Swayngham knows that the bear is now in good hands here in the Lowcountry.

"We talked to Charles Towne Landing and they were willing to take her," said Swayngham. "We knew they would do a good job taking care of her, so that was the quickest way to get her help."

Charles Towne Landing currently has two rescue bears on exhibit. They would be happy to add this cub as well, but want to do what is best for the animal.

While the cub is getting professional care at Charles Towne Landing, it will be decided whether the bear will be put on exhibit here, put on exhibit somewhere else or whether it will be released to the wild.

DNR is looking into what happened to these cubs. They suspect that the mother was killed, but have no definite answer at this time.