Feral dogs captured euthanized

By Natalie

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- Nicole Fredericks has spent time volunteering at animal shelters so she's used to animals, but even she was alarmed when she came across a wild pack of dogs on James Island recently.

"A puppy actually ran out in front of my car and I pulled over at the new construction site and 9 to 10 dogs actually rushed at my car, barking and acting aggressive," Fredericks said.

Fredericks was near Fort Johnson Road, the area Charleston County Animal Control deputies have been focusing their efforts in catching feral dog packs.{}Some of the dogs{}they say attacked and killed{}several cats.

"What we've been doing is using information we've taken from the community and strategically placing our traps. We use dog traps and put them in their paths and try to catch them," Deputy Scott Rarick said.

Animal control officials say they've already captured several dogs. Five were taken to the Charleston Animal Society and underwent a standardized evaluation.

"It's how they would react at home in a situation, how would they react to squeeze, how would they react to touch, how would they react to look. We play a game of tag with them, we pick up their feet. So we do all different things that would simulate things may happen to an animal in a home," Charleston Animal Society's Pearl Sutton said.

Sutton says the animals did poorly on the assessment and were later euthanized.

"Our desire is for every animal to have a wonderful loving home but I don't want to put anyone in our community at risk," Sutton said.

SCPA officials stress the importance of spay and neutering pets. Fredericks points the finger at the community for breeding the problem.

"The more animals that are spayed and neutered in the Lowcountry, the less that this is going to be able to happen," Fredericks said.