Few details day after second horse carriage accident

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston police say they are still trying to figure out why a horse-drawn carriage filled with tourists crashed into the side of a downtown Charleston home on Thursday.

They're as common as tree-lined historic streets in downtown Charleston. Horse-drawn carriages carry thousands of tourists each year, but after another accident involving a horse from Charleston Carriage Works, a neighboring company is defending the popular business.

"It worries me. We never want an accident and accidents are extremely rare in the carriage industry," said David Compton, the president of Old South Carriage Company on Anson Street.

He doesn't know what could have happened Thursday on Tradd Street, but he stands by the practices of keeping the business safe.

"Well, the city highly regulates the carriage industry in Charleston, South Carolina. There are horse guidelines that we have to maintain and annual inspection that the city does," said Compton.

Charleston Carriage Works won't comment on the mishap or their guidelines for protecting passengers. The company also operated the horse and carriage that went out of control on Market Street in April.

That incident was caught on camera.

Despite the recent accidents, visitors to the market area are still lined up to ride the popular attraction.

"It really hasn't deterred me to have this experience as a person here visiting. Like in anything, I think things happen," said Jennifer Gomez-Chavez, who's visiting from New Mexico.

"I'm just hoping that the state government makes the right decision because we're tourists, and we're trusting that if carriage rides are available, they're safe," said Gail Walker, a visitor from Rhode Island.

The mayor's office says there isn't a comment about Thursday's mishap. Only one of the passengers on the carriage was injured Thursday, and officials said that was just a bump on the leg.