Fight Turns Deadly After USC Upset Win

Columbia, S.C. - A fight over traffic turned tragic Saturday night.

Police say a 20-year-old man died after the University of South Carolina football game Saturday night. He was fighting with another man, when he ended up on the ground and a truck ran him over. Officials say that other man now faces charges.

25-Year-Old Curtis Simms has reportedly been charged with Aggravated Breach of Peace in what police are treating as a homicide.

Investigators say Simms got into a fight with 20-year-old Allen Gasque. Deputies say the fight between stemmed from gameday traffic related to the USC vs. Alabama game.

Deputies say Simms was in a car when he started arguing with Gasque. We're told Gasque was riding as a passenger in a nearby truck. Investigators say the argument escalated and both men got out of their vehicles leading to the fight.

Investigators say Gasque ended up on the ground and the truck he was riding in ran over him.

"You know what a great day. Then all that happened and it's just going to change people's lives forever," witness Hayden Bishop said.

Investigators say the driver of the truck did not see Gasque.

On Facebook, friends of Gasque wrote about him being a stand-up guy and one of the best catcher Marion High School ever had.

Simms has been told not to make contact with the Gasque family.