Finding mosquitoes before they find you

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Let the spraying begin! A Charleston County mosquito control plane will take off Thursday for an aerial spray for the first time this year. From the air to the ground, it's a race against time to find and kill these bugs before they get their wings and fly.

In the bug war, Carnard Chapman is your man. Chapman works in mosquito control for Charleston County and hunts and kills mosquitoes for a living.

"Our first stage of defense is we got to go out and kill the larva before they become adults," Chapman said.

Using tools like a dipper and a sprayer, Chapman finds baby mosquitoes living in water in low lying areas.

"The less bites for everyone -- that is the goal," he said.

In woods, backyards, swimming pools, bird baths and even old potato chip bags, Chapman says mosquitoes can pretty much grow anywhere there's water.

"You've got to keep the mosquito population down," he said. "Mosquitoes carry diseases and we've got to keep the population down so people can enjoy Charleston County."