Fire victims sort through what's left of belongings

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Dozens of people awoke from a different bed this morning after a fire destroyed their apartments and most of their possessions.

On Tuesday, the damage was done and the roaring fire was put to rest. The only sound heard from the property was the footsteps of those trying to find anything to salvage.

For one mother of two, the scene was pure disbelief, especially to find that her television had been stolen.

"They stole the flat screen. It was in here," she said. "You can see it was detached from the cable wires."

While shocked to discover this, she is also greatly disappointed that her Christmas for her kids may not happen this year.

"Our Christmas is gone. We bought stuff this Black Friday weekend. It was Monday. I didn't even have a chance to wrap the presents yet," she said.

The fire nearly wiped out the entire apartment structure. The second floor took the biggest hit. The fire is still being investigated.

Owner, James Butler, assessed the damage and is disturbed about the loss but thankful for no loss of life or injuries.

"My brother and I built it in 2005," he said. "I'm not sure if we can salvage it."

As of Tuesday, the Red Cross says they have helped somewhere between 30 and 40 families. Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church is being used for a temporary shelter for the four individuals who have not yet found a place to stay.

The Red Cross is offering financial assistance to help with food and clothing.

A spokesperson says the organization's resources are stretched thin, because they also helping the victims of four different fires as of Tuesday.

To volunteer or donate, call the Red Cross at 764-2323.