Firm files 2nd suit against Pinewood Prep in ReVille case


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- In a press release issued on Wednesday, representatives for Charleston law firm Motley Rice announced the firm has filed a second lawsuit against Pinewood Prep, on behalf of a second victim of Louis "Skip" ReVille.

The suit is also filed against the school's former headmaster, Glyn Cowlishaw and former guidance counselor, Brendan Diffley, in regards to ReVille abuse allegations. The victim alleges that Pinewood Prep, Cowlishaw and Diffley were notified that ReVille improperly touched him and other boy students while on school property but did not report it.

The filing claims a civil conspiracy, alleging that the three defendants engaged in a conspiracy of silence by failing to notify law enforcement and by taking affirmative steps to keep others from notifying law enforcement.

"ReVille's survivors are now finding the courage and strength that is inherent in the truth," said Motley Rice Attorney Laura Khare. "Their willingness to come forward and demand accountability from the educators we believe enabled his predatory behavior is inspiring other survivors to do the same. These boys no longer feel alone."

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