Krazy Fish restaurant owner solicited boys for sex to stream online, police say

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) -- The owner of a Georgetown fish restaurant arrested Tuesday on charges of solicitation of prostitution and drugs used his business to solicit underage men for a pornographic website, police say.The Krazy Fish restaurant opened for business as usual Friday night, and the owner, 46-year-old Kenneth Terry was there running the establishment. However, Terry refused to comment on his brief stint in jail this week. But police explained their arrest, saying an anonymous person tipped police off to minors drinking alcohol and being solicited for sex acts at the Krazy Fish."We went Tuesday and served a search warrant at his business and his boat where he lived{} and as a result of the search warrant we arrested him for four counts of solicitation of prostitution and some possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia," said Capt. Nelson Brown. "I think the alcohol was a ruse to get them in and feel them out for lack of a better word."Now Brown says there could be potentially more charges brewing surrounding the website "He was videotaping the acts take place and then streamlining it to that web address," said Brown.He says several witnesses with first-hand information gave detailed statements about their participation in the website, which has since been taken down. One witness told police he was paid $150 on four different occasions last October. Another was offered a stake in the company if the person would solicit more young male prospects. "We were able to identify some of these folks and we got further information that the owner Mr. terry was soliciting teenage boys for sexual acts," Brown said.The alleged acts happened at several locations near the restaurant. Brown says they are investigating the accusations that Terry broadcast the sex acts over the Internet. "We seized some computers and some storage units and like I said to determine if there are other things there," he said.Terry's lawyer, John Hilliard, did not deny or acknowledge the website's existence. "I don't want to talk about the specifics of the case because I don't know what the specifics of the case are," Hilliard said. "But how a website{} would be connected to prostitution, I don't see how those two things would be connected."Brown said the forensic evidence will go to state police. He added that this is an ongoing investigation that will likely result in more arrests.


Note: Krazy Fish restaurant in Georgetown is not in any way associated with Fish restaurant in downtown Charleston.