Flood of items donated after deadly fire

(Dave MacQueen/WCIV)

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) - Nearly 50 people were left homeless in that deadly apartment fire in Goose Creek last week, but a local organization is doing everything they can to help.

Non-profit organization, Passport 72, saw a need and decided to help. They posted their desire to collect any items to help the fire victims on their Facebook page Thursday night.

"The response was crazy," said Beth Williams of Passport 72. "We had over 200 people on Facebook working on donations."

One week later, they have collected dozens of boxes of clothes and a shed full of household items like bed frames, mattresses and kitchen items for the victims. People also donated lots of toys and stuffed animals.

"People came to us, our volunteers and said what are we going to do?" said Brown. "I mean, 17 children were displaced. That really was the key. Seventeen children lost their homes. They got off the school bus and went to go home and it was gone."

The organization is still trying to track down some of the fire victims to donate supplies. If you know anyone affected by the fire or would like to donate, visit the organization's Facebook page.