Memphis Belle replica making stop in Lowcountry

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A replica of the Memphis Belle, a legendary Boeing B-17 of WWII, is spending the week in Charleston, giving people a chance to see the inside of the flying fortress and even take a short flight.

The sound of the engine in the Boeing B-17 plane brings to life more than just the aircraft, it resurrects old memories of its days in the air above Europe.

"When we have vets come out and they go up in the aircraft, suddenly it's like they are 18{} again," said Keith Youngblood, a volunteer of the Liberation Foundation.

The Liberty Foundation maintains the famous replica aircraft, a representation of the first bomber plane to complete 25 missions during World War II and return to U.S. soil safely.

"There were about 13,000 of these made and today we can only get 12 of these that are flight capable in the air at any one time," Youngblood said.

And the Liberty Foundation has brought the Memphis Belle to the Lowcountry. Not only will it be open to the public during the weekend it will fly.

"We'll do the flights in the morning from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. roughly, depending on how many flights we have. It's best if people call in to book so that way they are guaranteed a flight," Youngblood said.

Flights take off from the Charleston Executive Airport and last between 25 to 30 minutes. Call 918-340-0243 to schedule a flight.