Man arrested for hit-and-run after allegedly side-swiping girls

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) -- A mother got the call many parents fear after a hit and run on Folly Beach Wednesday night.

Mary Lynn Savko told ABC News 4 that she had to come to Folly Beach from Spartanburg because her daughter and a friend had been side-swiped and left on the road by a hit-and-run driver. She said that both girls were thrown into the grass.

"It's terrifying and then to find out the person didn't even stop, just hit them. He had to have known he hit something, because he hit the car behind them," she said. "To keep on going, that is wrong. That is not right."

Alexandra Grodzicki is Mary Lynn's daughter and said there was no time to react when she and her friend Kristen Scott were hit Wednesday afternoon.

"We honestly didn't see it coming, because we both had our heads in the car putting our things away. All of sudden, it was just boom, and it hit us. It was really quick."

"We were just trying to put our stuff in the car, trying to end our day at the beach, and we leaned in to climb from the same side. I went in first, and my elbow was out," Scott said. "The next thing I know, we are both sitting on the ground."

The girls say a Good Samaritan witnessed the accident and chased after the driver. The suspect was stopped and arrested.

"Bless his heart," Grodzicki said.

As a result, a Folly Beach man faced a judge Thursday for two counts of hit-and-run as well as a charge for reckless driving.

Nicholas James Olson received a $10,000 surety bond. He{}also got a $1,092 bond for a charge of being the driver in a hit-and-run with property damage and an additional $445 bond for reckless driving.

"Just a fraction of an inch, and we would have been seriously hurt," Grodzicki said. "It was scary. It was very scary."

Folly Beach Police Chief Dennis Brown said hit and run accidents happen frequently on Folly. He said officers were able to identify Olson as a suspect due to a witness that followed the vehicle after the incident.

In addition to the charges mentioned above, Brown believes Olson was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

"There was obvious signs of impairment," he said. "The officer is moving ahead with prosecution."

According to the incident report, there was no DUI litany test administered due to another incident that arose where the responding officer couldn't get to a datamaster machine in the legal time frame.

"I also don't understand why if you get a breathalyzer test you have to be at the police station within two hours. That's ridiculous," Savko said. "I'm just thankful their guardian angels were watching over them, and they weren't hurt more seriously than they were. Because, it could have been a lot worse. If he would have been a few inches closer, he would have totally smooshed them."

This year, Folly Beach police officers have responded to 140 motor vehicle accidents.

"We do have a high number of hit-and-runs out here, because we do have so much public parking on the roadways," Brown said.

Brown said due to the high volume of accidents, his officers always urge visitors to Folly to park in parking areas when possible and pull their vehicle as far away from the road as possible.

"When you are getting in and out of traffic, look out your door," he said.

* ABC News 4's Lia Sestric, Brian Troutman and Sandra Ecklund contributed to this report.