Folly Beach police on the hunt for a cat killer

Judy the cat (photo provided)

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV)-- When Mike Riffert's cat, Judy, didn't come home Sunday night, he knew something was wrong.According to a report from the Folly Beach Public Safety department, Mr. Riffert found Judy on Tuesday. The eight-year-old cat had been killed, stabbed three times. Her body was left impaled on a piece of rebar that was sticking out of a brick at a vacant lot known as the "Butterfly House."Police say the "Butterfly House," located at 107 East Cooper Avenue, is a vacant home where homeless people are known to find shelter. Officers checked to make sure no one was squatting at the residence. They didn't find anyone but did see trash and drink cups that made it look like someone had been staying there.Now the victim tells police he is worried for the safety of his family. The report says Riffert told them that "he did not feel safe knowing that he had a young child at home, and there was a sick, demented person on the island that would do this to his cat."

"I'm just blown away," said Riffert. "It's a very large cat. My youngest son weighs only six more pounds than him. What happens if they decided to grab him and do it to him?"Folly Beach police say they have no suspects but have spoken to a "person of interest." They will also be doing property checks on the property to make sure no one is staying underneath the vacant home.

Pet Helpers is offering a $500 reward to help police find the killer.

If anyone has any information on this or any crime, please call Folly Beach Police at 588-2433.