Folly Beach drops a flip flop New Year's Eve

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) -- On New Year's Eve a ball is dropped in New York City, but in Folly Beach they wanted to drop something that fits their lifestyle a little better.

Saturday night, an eight-foot tall pair of flip flops will light up the sky and be lowered to ring in 2012.

Folly Beach first lady, Charlotte Goodwin, has been working on this idea for almost a year.

"I said, shoot, we ought to be able to do something like this on Folly Beach and use this flip flop as a drop," Goodwin said. "Hopefully we'll have a big celebration and a toast and everybody will enjoy it."

Goodwin expects over a thousand people will show up to the corner of Ashley Avenue and Center Street for the inaugural event. She said the flip flop is the perfect prop for this beach town.

"Well it is a flip flop because we are Folly Beach," Goodwin said. "We all wear flip flops out here until it gets really, really freezing. Then some people put on shoes but there are still some people that wear flip flops the entire time."

The red and silver flip flops will be lifted around 9:30pm, and will be lowered starting about a minute before midnight.

"It should be quite a spectacle because when you are looking up at it you'll have the whole sky in the background and this whole thing will be illuminated," said project assistant Jim Nicklaus. "It's all LED lights. I'm impressed already and I haven't seen it yet."

If the event is a success, Goodwin hopes it to make this a Folly Beach tradition for years to come.