Folly's mayor talks about beach project after Hurricane Arthur

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) -- Hurricane Arthur's quick spin through the Lowcountry this week was the first test for the Folly Beach renourishment project. Folly's mayor says the beach is as ready as it can be for a hurricane, but he's glad Arthur did not stick around.

"It moved some sand around but not like we thought it could have or we know it could have," said Mayor Goodwin.

Goodwin says Arthurcould havee been the first test to the city's $30-million renourishment project.

It was supposed to wrap up in May, but just finished about a week ago.

"It doesn't give it time to stabilize that much when it's that quick right behind the renourishment project, but we were lucky it gives it some time to stabilize more get some fences up vegetation planted and build those dunes back," said Goodwin.

In the coming days, the Army Corps of Engineers will be surveying the beach to see how it held up.

Meanwhile, strong winds and some rip currents kept at least a few people from spending their day on Folly Beach, including the Mazell family.

"We've been here for 15 or 20 minutes and it's just crazy. The sand is blowing so hard it feels like needles hitting your skin," said Jared Mazell.

They said next time they will likely stay home the day after a hurricane and let the seas and sands die down just a little bit more.

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