Folly boat delivers message to city leaders

By Lia

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) Along Folly Road, sits the Folly boat that has been much like a billboard of public expression. Recently it was used to paint direct jabs at city leaders.

From "down with Brown" to "King Tim let us vote" were painted Friday. Since then, they have been painted over but the message has made a lasting impression.

"The island has spoken," Sandy Townsend said. She runs the Subway in town and has lived on Folly for 20 years.

"We need someone capable of running and handling 60,000 people on any given day. This is not a quiet beach town."

Folly Liquor store owner and resident, Michael Riffert, says he was pleased to see the city still has its flare.

"It made me smile because it lets me know this beach is still alive and people out here are an eclectic crew," he said. "It's just disheartening to hear people say on our council we got our beach back. It's everybody's beach."

No one has come forward in painting the messages that seemed to be directed at Chief Dennis Brown and Mayor Tim Goodwin.

Mayor Goodwin wished to not comment on the messages.