Folly drinking ban could end day-tripping

(Mike Wadsworth/WCIV)

By Lia

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) -- From trash, traffic, and the rowdiness of drunken "day - trippers" LaJuan Kennedy says vacationers are fed up.

"I thought the 4th of July, middle of the week it wouldn't be as much of a problem," she said.

Kennedy, who works for Fred Holland Realty, said she was surprised how quickly the events on Wednesday escalated. She said she's angry that it dampened the fun for renters. She has heard from many who question whether they will return for a visit.

"People are becoming a little disgusted with what they have to put up with," she said.

Kennedy believes the recent incidents should be a final straw to ban alcohol on the beach. She also feels that Folly should appeal to families and not to the day trippers who don't spend money.

"All they do is leave their trash," she said.

Mayor Tim Goodwin said Monday that he supports whatever gets Folly Beach on the right track. He says he has received a number of personal e-mails, with a majority of them supporting the alcohol ban. The ones that opposed the ban, he said, did not live on Folly.

He said his future vision of Folly is a place where families can come and make memories.

"When you look at the people who spend money here, it's not people who drive in and leave their trash," he said.

He is very disheartened about the recent riot and the disrespect showed towards law enforcement officers.

"My personal worst moment -- July 4th when I had to take two children to their parents and tell them don't go on the beach here. Go back to the fireworks at the pier, because you will be safer because you don't want to see what happened on my beach here."