Food, love and prayers help in woman's recovery

Susan Hawes

By Tessa

CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV) -- A West Ashley restaurant is serving up more than just food. Big helpings of faith are helping one of its own recover from a recent organ transplant.

Three weeks ago, Susan Hawes, owner of the Bear E. Patch, went through her second kidney transplant in seven years. The first time, it was her sister who was found to be a match.

The second time, the process of getting a new kidney wasn't as fast.

Her daughter Sandra Krajick recalls, "the second time was a little bit harder because we had to watch mom go through a lot more time with having a lot more toxins in her body and moving slowly."

But, the family had faith and Bear E. Patch customers had even more. They wasted no time finding out if they were a match for Susan. In the meantime, they prayed.

Susan spent a mere six months on the transplant waiting list when she received word late one night that{}a kidney was available. The donor -- a deceased 20-year old.

Susan is grateful for all of the prayers and outpouring of love she has received during the whole ordeal.

"My husband and I have felt the Bear E. Patch to be the little place that everybody can come and be themselves and feel at home and share their concerns and prayer needs," she said. "In return, there's been so many people that have done the same for us and our family."

When asked how she was able to get to the top of the donor recipient list so quickly she said, "If you knew how many people are praying for me it would all make sense."

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