For Gamecocks, Tarheels Goose Creek's Reedy has strong influence


GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- When the Gamecocks take the field against North Carolina Thursday night, a main cog for USC's offensive line will be former Goose Creek Gator Brandon Shell.{}

You might also see Goose Creek graduate Gerald Turner on the field for the home team at Williams Brice Stadium. The man responsible for grooming those two top talents ironically had a big hand in North Carolina's makeup. {}

"I always tried to hire assistants that were smarter than me. Larry certainly filled that bill," said Chuck Reedy. {}{}

Before he was the head coach at Goose Creek High School, Chuck Reedy was the offensive coordinator and then head coach at Baylor University.

The Larry he speaks of is his young, bright-eyed wide receivers coach Larry Fedora, who is now the head coach at North Carolina. Fedora was Reedy's graduate assistant when Reedy was the offensive coordinator, then Reedy hired Fedora as a full time wide receivers coach when he became head coach.{}

"Chuck is really special to me," said Fedora. "He gave me my first college job coming out of high school ball. Eighty-five percent of what I learned in coaching I learned in those four years with him."{}

Reedy says you can never really tell where someone will go, but he certainly saw some signs on the wall for Fedora.{}

"Larry was a very bright young man. I knew he'd be successful. Even as a grad assistant he was very inquisitive. He wanted to learn and it paid off," said Reedy.{}

Ironically, some of their best memories together are off-the-field memories.{}

"We talk about the kids, his kids and my kids. We had some real good times back then," said Fedora. "I was thinking the other day, when my oldest daughter was born, we dropped my son at his home and they took care of him. We dropped her off at college last week."

Memories on the field are still being lived today. When one of Fedora's coaches came to a Goose Creek practice last year to recruit, he had to take a double take.{}

"He saw what we do and said, 'Fedora, that's exactly the way he does it,'" said Reedy.{}

Both guys are still finding success on the field; both are still swapping stories.

"He'll call every now and then to run things by me," said Reedy. "He recruited our guys last year and this year, but we keep that out of the mix."

One is a rising name in the coaching ranks; one is not far from riding off into the sunset, but these two coaches always have a tie.{}

"He's getting near the end," said Fedora. "He's going to retire and live a pretty good life after that"{}

"It's all very rewarding to see coaches that you are associated with be successful," said Reedy.{}

When all is said and done Thursday night, wether USC or UNC wins, Chuck Reedy will surely have had a hand in it.{}