For sea turtles, boat troubles mean release deferred

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The pair of sea turtles intended to be released into the Gulf Stream Thursday afternoon will be spending at least another night in North Carolina. The turtles have been in the Tarheel State{}since Wednesday.{}

Their ride to the major ocean current, the Coast Guard Cutter Block Island, had engine problems that prevented the trip.

Bulls Bay, a juvenile loggerhead sea turtle, and Mini Ming, a juvenile green sea turtle,{}were supposed to be{}released back into the ocean on Thursday. Both sea turtles were admitted to the Aquarium's Sea Turtle Rescue Program last year with a variety of illnesses.

Earlier this week, staff veterinarian Dr. Shane Boylan medically cleared both turtles just in time for a Coast Guard cutter to release them in the Gulf Stream off of North Carolina.

The crew from Block Island{}was supposed to{}release Bulls Bay and Mini Ming along with 39 other turtles from North Carolina in the Gulf Stream where turtles their species and size currently reside.

The South Carolina Aquarium's Sea Turtle Rescue Program has successfully rehabilitated and released 102 sea turtles to date.