Forestry Commission makes arrest in timber law violation

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCIV) - Investigators with the South Carolina Forestry Commission arrested a North Carolina man on charges stemming from a timber deal in which the victim was underpaid.

Tim Gosnell, 40, of Rutherford, N.C., failed to pay a Cherokee County landowner within 45 days for timber cut on his land, officials said. Gosnell was also cited for failing to provide proper documentation from the mill for the timber he harvested and transported for the landowner.{}

Officials said Gosnell paid $1,000 to the victim, which was only a fraction of what was owed, the victim sent a letter asking for the remainder. The SCFC became involved shortly after and arrested Gosnell.

Officials said Gosnell has been released on bond, but other charges may be pending against him.

The SCFC is asking anyone with complaints against Gosnell to call 803-896-8838.