Former Bulldog happy to be back in Lowcountry for All Star break

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Arriving home for the AAA All Star break, former Citadel Bulldog great Asher Wojciechowski is only thinking about one thing -- family.{}

"It's nice to come home and get time off. I like to spend it with family and loved ones," Wojciechowski said.{}

He also knows that his first half of the season put him in a great position to come home after the season from the Houston Astros rather than the Oklahoma City Redhawks. If Wojciechowski was close before, what he did last week might have put him truly on the doorstep of the major leagues.{}

"It was fun, definitely had the adrenaline going. It was a lot of fun to face a guy that is such a great hitter and been around for such a long time," said Wojo, as he's better known.{}

Yes, throwing against Manny Ramirez was a career milestone for him, but that was only a small piece of that night's big story. Wojciechowski threw against the minimum amount of batters. He threw a complete game, a one-hit shutout -- that one hit the only thing standing between him and a perfect game.{}

For Wojciechowski, it was special for another reason.{}

"I threw it against (Chris) McGuiness, my old Citadel teammate. It was one of the best games of my career," he said.{}

James Island's Chris McGuiness has seen a lot. He's seen major league pitching this season. He knows where his close friend belongs.{}

"No doubt, he threw a heck of a game against us. It was the first time I faced him since fall league at The Citadel.{} He got the best of me, maybe we'll face again at the big level and I'll get the best of him" says McGuiness

The big leagues, the big step Wojciechowski hasn't yet taken, but he is standing on the doorstep.{}

"So far, I'm happy. I work to improve every day. I get better day in and day out. Just work on getting better and competing and seeing what happens," he said.{}

He knows, doing what he is doing, he could get the one big call.{}

"I believe so; I made a good transition so far. I've really gone out there and competed well and gone deep into games so hopefully it's prepared me well for the next step," he said.

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