Former Dorchester sheriff returns, starts run for SC-1

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- A former Dorchester County sheriff has returned home from Afghanistan to hopefully serve his country again in the form of elected office.

Ray Nash returned Monday from a three-year mission overseas and kicked off his campaign for the First Congressional District seat once held by Tim Scott.

He said his background in law enforcement separates him from the other candidates.

"We have to have somebody who's willing to stand and make a firm stand in Congress, that you're not allowed to go into these areas that are Constitutionally protected and that's what sheriffs do. We see how [Charleston County] Sheriff [Al] Cannon is making a strong stand for constitutionality in the Lowcountry and very, very proud of him for making that stand, but that's what we do as sheriffs, so I say send a sheriff to Congress," Nash said.

Nash served as Dorchester County sheriff for 11 years.