Former Fort D golfer goes far, does big things

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Rice Planters Amateur brings in the top college and amateur players from around the country. One guy in the field has come a long way to play, but has ended up right back home.{}

"It would mean a lot being from here; it meant a lot to Austin (Cody) when he won it. Being a home tournament it would mean a lot," said Fort Dorchester graduate Taylor Zoller.{}

Zoller is being reunited with guys he's grown up with, guys who see each other all the time without him there during the collegiate golf season.{}

"It's great for the Lowcountry. We get more and more guys going off to play at school every year. Austin is doing very well at Duke, Calder Moore. Good to have everyone here and see each other," said Zoller.{}

When it came time for Zoller to pick his school, he picked Kent State in Ohio, but not because his father was an All-American there.{}

"I went for myself. It's cool seeing his name on the wall but Kent State was the best golf school. They are in the Top 25 every year. It was the best golf school I got looked at by. It's where I wanted to go," he said.

It is however, a far cry from Fort Dorchester.{}

"It's different up north. Winters you can't play but you practice a lot. It was an adjustment but I'm making it and I like Kent a lot," Zoller said.{}

In two years, his team has had two Top 25 national finishes, but Zoller is still looking for his first collegiate tournament individual win.{}

"Still have two years of school. Hopefully, I'll get a breakthrough sometime soon and keep playing well. It's all about getting better one day at a time, one shot at a time," he said.{}

If he does that, he might be reunited with his high school buddies again in the future, in the professional ranks.