Former politicians look to form alternative party

By Valencia

COLUMBIA, S.C.{}-- When voters head to the polls, the outcome usually goes in favor of the Republican or Democratic Parties. But, Jim Rex, a former SC state Superintendent of Education, is working to form an alternative.

"This is a moderate party," said Rex. "It's a party that focuses on common ground, reaching solutions solving problems."

Rex, who ran as a Democrat in 2006, has partnered with Oscar Lovelace, a former Republican candidate to form the American Party.

"The main difference is this party will actually monitor the behavior of its office holders," Rex said. "If it's office holders breach serious ethics standards or if they misappropriate money they'll be ejected from the party and not allowed to run again."

Rex says the party's candidate would be vetted by an executive committee and held accountable to stick to the principles of their campaigns.

"It requires term limits of all of its candidates. So, American Party officers will not stay in office for 20, 30, 40 years. They will not become career politicians," said Rex.

Rex says the party would also require full disclosure of all sources of income from its candidates.

"This party will require total transparency in terms of revenue," said Rex. "Both where the money is coming from and how much for campaigns."

Rex says they need 10,000 signatures in order to become a certified party in South Carolina. So far, they have about 1,500.

Rex also says the party has national potential. Voters have shown interest in Michigan, Texas and Alabama.