Former principal, coach charged in 2 more sexual assaults

ReVille (Provided)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- A local coach and former principal at Coastal Christian Preparatory School charged with committing a lewd act on three teens acquired two new charges on Wednesday.

In total, that makes five charges and five victims in the case against Louis Neal "Skip" ReVille.

Police say Louis "Skip" ReVille, 32, confessed to sexually assaulting three teenagers earlier in the week. Reville was taken into police custody on Friday.

Also on Wednesday, attorneys for some of the victims released a statement regarding the ongoing investigation of ReVille.

"The allegations in this case involve the worst for of criminal conduct," said attorney Mullins McLeod. "We comment the families for having the strength and the courage to come forward with their stories. We also want to caution anyone against talking about names or identities of any of Coach ReVille's victims."

McLeod said it is against the law to reveal the name of anyone who has been the victim of criminal sexual conduct. he warned anyone who violates the law either on the Internet or in other publications will be subject to criminal prosecution.

The Mount Pleasant Police Department continues to ask for the public's help with any information relative to Mr. ReVille or additional victims. Anyone with information should contact the Mount Pleasant Police Department at (843) 884-4176 or confidentially at Crime Stoppers (843) 554-1111.

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