Fort D star shining in the NFL ahead of Super Bowl

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Super BowlSunday is less than a week away, and this year, like many years past, theLowcountry is well represented.

They're not exactly the first fathers of football at FortDorchester, but what Byron Maxwell and Robert Quinn are doing in the NFL hasthe Patriots bursting with pride.

"It's good to let the guys know that it's a possibility thatsomeone from right here is playing in the Super Bowl, and someone from righthere is a captain at the Pro Bowl, and someone from right here, Carlos Dunlap,signed for $40 million. Knowing that those three things are out there, if thatdoesn't motivate you then I don't know what will," said Fort Dorchester head coach Steve LaPrad.

Far from removed from the Super Bowl, there is a linkbetween the game in New Jersey and the halls of Fort Dorchester. Maxwell'slittle brother Natrawn is following in his footsteps on the field.

"I don't see him as No. 41 for the Seahawks, I see him asByron, my big brother," he said. "Seeing him be like that it shows you that youcan make it if you work hard enough. No matter what the situation is you canmake it. You just have to have faith and that's what I hang, my faith and whatI believe."

"It means everything to these kids, lets them know that theopportunity is there. You've got to do in on the field, in the classroom, keepyour nose clean. It makes my job a lot easier," said Natrawn Maxwell.

But Byron Maxwell is not making quarterbacks' lives easier.The third year defensive back battled his way into the starting lineup.

Now he's an impact player on football's biggest stageSunday.

"Even his first year at Clemson he was rehabbing; heredshirted and didn't get to play. He had to work his way into the lineup andhe did the same thing at Seattle. Five or six weeks ago, Byron wasn't playingthat much. He was about 50 or 60 percent of the time but he got his chance.He's as good as anyone else in the NFL right now," said Natrawn Maxwell.

It's a little mesmerizing for his younger brother, butNatrawn Maxwell always thought his older brother had something special.

"It's exciting but I always knew he was great. I alwaysbelieved in him. It wasn't that much a surprise to me. I always knew they wouldmake it. I knew he would be a contributing factor," he said.

"Byron came from one of the worst areas economically aroundhere right near the school and he never had a discipline slip in high school,kept his nose clean, made good grades. It lets our guys know that they have achance," said LaPrad.