Four new schools could be coming to Dorchester County

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Dorchester County School District Two Board of Trustees met for a{}workshop{}in Summerville{}to discuss how to move forward with a new referendum.

The referendum proposes three new elementary schools and one new middle school.{} It also includes plans for major additions to the three high schools already in the district: Fort Dorchester High school, Summerville High School, and Ashley Ridge High School. The Board is also proposing more vocational programs and{}options in those schools.

School board member Frances Townsend says the new schools and additions will help combat the growing problem of overcrowding in the schools by accommodating the several thousand children who are either in trailers or in overcrowded classrooms.

"We already have 180 trailers in our district," she said. "What we hope is to get rid of those trailers and put the children in safe buildings. But if it doesn't pass, we'll be adding 15-20 trailers per year."

Townsend says as the economy picks up, more and more children will be coming into the school district and that the school board is already behind on furnishing seats for all of the incoming students.

Dorchester District Two citizens will vote on the referendum in November. If passed, it will cost around $177 million.