Fraud charges against Charleston wedding planner dismissed

By Ava

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) The wedding planner who was arrested after a couple claimed he stole thousands of dollars had the charges against him dropped on Wednesday, but fresh charges are pending.

Sgt. Don Daquigan with the Charleston Police Department testified as a witness for the state. On the stand he testified that the warrant used to arrest Charleston wedding planner Lawson Roberts did not include specifics.

"You usually will have a specific date within the warrant. It usually says when the card was actually used or the card number, as well as the amount of money for that specific charge, as well as the location where it was used at. It will also include whether it be something online or an actual physical business, none of that was in the warrant," said Roberts' attorney David Aylor. {}

Roberts was arrested last month and charged with credit card fraud. Former clients Adam and Wendy Shearer of Florida said Roberts made charges to their credit card that weren't related to their May 2011 wedding.

Aylor said charges to the Shearer's American Express and Visa were for the wedding and were authorized.

"The charge shouldn't have been brought and the charge that was brought was flawed. I think that is why it was dismissed," said Aylor.

In court attorney for the state Larry Todd said the matter was far from closed.

"We're okay with you dismissing this and then we are going to get warrants for each one of these and drag him back in court every single day for each time he used that card," he said.

Todd also told Aylor to have Roberts on stand by to be re-arrested.

Aylor believes the Shearers went after Roberts because they regret spending $60,000 on a wedding.

"The individuals involved here, there clearly could be a level of buyer's remorse with such an expensive wedding. However at the same time they also thanked my client for the wedding and said it was a once-in-a-lifetime event," said Aylor.{}

The Shearers did not return requests for comment.