Free flowing traffic on Crosstown


By Tessa

CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV) -- Commuters on the Septima P. Clark Expressway got a special treat Thursday morning -- an extra lane in both directions.

Two inside lanes that were closed for several months so crews could repair the drainage system are now back open.

Construction will continue on the Crosstown as crews will{}be replacing drainage pipes. Future additions include a tunnel and a pump station.

While almost all of the work being done is to repair a decades old drainage system, Mayor Joe Riley wants to make sure that residents and visitors alike are pleased with the overall look.

"When it's finished, the neighborhoods and also the motorists will be in a more Charleston-like place."

The esthetic upgrades include palmetto-lined streets, pedestrian cross walks, better lighting{}and landscaping.

The first{}phase on construction is slated to be completed this November.{}

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