Freshman leading women's golf game at CofC

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- College of Charleston's women's golf team starts NCAA tournament play in Tallahassee on Thursday.Traditionally, it's the veteran members of the team that thrive under pressure, but the team this year is riding on the coattails of a freshman. When all is said and done, Lara Fuenfstueck could be the best ever to don the maroon and gold."Fumstook. We've had Funchuck, Funstuick, five-piece if you translate it. Just don;t call her nickel; she doesn't like that," said head coach Jamie Futrell.However Fuenfstueck's name is pronounced, one thing is for certain: she's the top player at the College."It really elevates us. She elevated the other girls, too. Talk about a No. 1, she has the attitude to go with it. Everyone wants to play with her and that's a great thing when she's your No. 1 player," said Futrell.But she's not just No. 1 for the College. Fuenfstueck is also the CAA player of the year, and her coach has no doubt she can play in the LPGA."I mean, I'm definitely 50-50 to go pro. It's not that I can't imagine it, I just want to see how my college career goes first and I definitely want to get a degree first," she said.She's still adjusting to college life with her family an ocean away, but her home is no longer in Germany."I woke up, I live here, it's not a hotel, I'm not here for just a few weeks, I live here and I like it," she said.But she says there are a few things missing, including her family and the traditional German food. While it's not the schnitzel she craves, her play on the course has the College back in the NCAA tournament."Attitude is everything. She's got it. We couldn't be happier she's our leader," said Futrell.This is the fifth NCAA tournament trip for the Cougars head coach, but the first for Fuenfstueck and the rest of the team.