Friends light candles, remember Craigslist murder victim

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WCIV) More than two weeks after 25-year-old Alex Apps was brutally murdered, the love and support continues to grow for him and his family.

Deputies say two men murdered Apps on Oct. 3 after they responded to his Craigslist ad.

Investigators say Apps eventually met with the two men to view his truck he had for sale, but instead of buying it they shot him and later dumped his body in a wooded area of Mount Pleasant.

Apps is originally from Beaufort but had been living in Charleston and going to school to become a lawyer, according to his friends.

On Friday night, more than a hundred of Apps' closest friends, gathered by the marina in downtown Beaufort to celebrate his life.

"We're literally celebrating someone who was truly an amazing person," said Jessica Settlemiere, a longtime friend of the victim.

The gathering included a prayer for Apps and his family followed by several songs performed by one of the victim's friends.

A large white flag and sign at the event carried a strong message with the words "Justice for Alex" written on them.

"They don't need to get let go for anything less than the death penalty in my opinion," said Jay McGill, referring to the two men now charged with the murder of his hunting buddy.

Friends say Apps was a man with a heart of gold who saw only the good in others.

"Alex trusted everyone until someone did him wrong, and he trusted the wrong person," said childhood friend, John Martin.

For those who didn't know how much Apps was loved, the crowd by the river wasn't only proof but so were these messages left on a board filled with pictures of the victim.

"I'd think he'd be blow out of his mind by how many people were showing support for him," said McGill.

Friends say this celebration by the river suited Apps perfectly.

"He was a fisher. We just hung out there. This was truly Alex, this river, this downtown area," said Settlemiere.

As friends try to cope with their loss, they hope his death serves as a wake up call for others.

"This is real. This is real life. And everything you see in the movies can happen in your own little hometown," said Settlemiere.

Apps' death has gone viral, leading to an online petition and Facebook page calling for justice in the case.{}

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